PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)
PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)
PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)
PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)
PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)
PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)
PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)
PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)
PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)

PC2 Long Wallet (GREEN)

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Product Design Features

1. Excellent wear-resistant materials and exquisite craftsmanship: Made of 500D nylon material, this fabric is not only splash resistant, but also has excellent abrasion resistance and tear resistance. With quadruple nylon stitching, using luxury-grade seam craftsmanship ensures premium texture and long-lasting durability.

  1. Smooth Zipper Experience: Equipped with top-tier YKK zippers, the TACTICAL GEEK PC2 EDC long wallet guarantees a seamless and durable experience every time.

  1. Multi-functional Practicality: The PC2 men's nylon clutch features 2 large pockets, 1 zippered pocket, and 6 card slots, catering to your daily activity needs. It can accommodate your ID card, driver's license, cash, bills, business cards, credit cards, passport, and more.

  1. Distinct Fashion Style: From black camouflage to green, we offer a range of color choices, ensuring there's always one that matches your personal style and aesthetic preference.

  1. Gift Choice: This durable long wallet is ideal for work, business trips, and everyday use. It also serves as the perfect gift for your husband, father, or male friend on occasions like Christmas, birthdays, Father's Day, New Year, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, eves, and Valentine's Day.

Product Material

  1. 500D Nylon Fabric
2. YKK Zipper
3. 210D Red Nylon Lining
4. 4 Strands Durable Nylon Thread

Product Specification

  • Total Length: 200mm
  • Total Width: 100mm
  • Total Thickness : 20mm
  • Weight: 106g(±2-3g)