Warranty Service:

All1 Tactical_Geek products are covered by 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects and lifetime repair/support. As warranty is provided via the authorized distributors, you should only purchase Tactical_Geek products from authorized distributors.


Warranty (Via authorized distributor)

  • 1:1 exchange for defective products 15 days from purchase date
  • 2 years warranty2 against all manufacturing defects.


Repair & support (Direct to factory)

  • After 2 years warranty, free3 lifetime labor support. You only pay for replacement parts.


1. Accessories are excluded like pocket clip, zipper, holster, and lanyard etc.

2. 2 years warranty covers knives and tools, 1 year warranty covers fabrics. Warranty against manufacturing defects. Excluding mishandling, abuse, and shipping.

3. Exclude all parts.